Paypal + Telegram + Adult content = $$$

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Paypal + Telegram + Adult content = $$$

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Do you really know how to efficiently monetize your porn content?

Do you know how to setup your own paid private channel?

Is your content really your sole source of revenue?

How would you feel about skyrocketing your income with a single method?

Well, I already know your answers. Say no more.

It is only because you are focusing too much on reaching out new followers,

wasting too much time and energy tweeting to get your clients's attention,

posting new stuff on the gram, feeding them free content,

while they are busy swapping like little bitches,

that you keep struggling to make every day a payday.


You are just about to find out how to make grands from your smartphone.

First of all, let me tell you that once you have implemented my method,

all your attention will switch to your workflow and content creation.

Uploading, managing and marketing your content

won't be a pain in the ass anymore.

So, how could you setup all of your accounts and platforms to work together and never let a client go?

How could you improve your sales tunnel so your visitors ends up buying something from you in all circumstances?

Finding the right method to make it work efficiently

in order to make them pay while you sleep

is your game now.

What you really need is a system

that keeps them in the loop,

update them all at once about your new kinky photoset or naughty video,

and initiate a call to action.

Make it the easiest way for them to pay you for your content, services AND links.

The magics of this method?

All you need is using

two free social networks,

one links landing page,

and one content platform.

Twitter, Telegram, Linktree and Manyvids.

No, not even Onlyfans.

You should see the leaks over the internet, it's scary.

If you add two affiliation sources of income,

you will multiply x10 your revenue stream in no time.

Keep that in mind...

So, how does it really work?

My cash machine method will solve your two major problems :

  • How to setup your endless loop's network of social accounts and content platform. Step by step. Half a day of work, no more.
  • How to use each one of them to make big profits with affiliation. Two sources of extra income that will turn your audience into a true cash machine.

The best automation ever.

Your content is selling itself while your affiliation links diversify your offer.

Your two affiliation sources to earn big bucks on top of that :

  • you are automatically enrolled in my affiliation program when buying this ebook, so all you gotta do to earn more money is to promote this course. with a link only.
  • real adult converting affiliate links from the best platform of the industry. I will bring you into my affiliation world and give you the best tips to push links and cash in big payouts.

This is my blueprint to make consistent sales at every hour of the day.

This method is so simple that it won't require technical skills from you.

Follow my instructions is all you gotta do.

You're gonna make money implementing my method to your own ecosystem and make even more money promoting it around you.

Not to mention the favor you will do to your clients , followers and potential leads showing them how easy it is to purchase from you.

Not trusting me yet?

I get that, no worries.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Deck Mara, a french porn filmmaker and photographer who has been working for over 10 years as an independent.

And let me tell you, I used to be broke,

but here I am making sales on a daily basis now and for all days to come.

I bet you are expecting me to show you how I really work. See it for yourself.

Check out my telegram private channel.

Now, this is one piece of my puzzle.

So let's begin, shall we?

Let me help you, and you won't sweat for money anymore.

And to start with that, you will earn a 40% commission fee of every sale you make as my affiliate.

I am willing to give up 40% of my own revenue for you, yes.

Buy, learn, implement, sell, earn!

Your turn to help others.

Want to hire me to set up your cash machine?

drop me a dm on telegram

I want this!

My method to turn your content, networks and affiliate links into a cash machine

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